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(See the Index of Forms for yearbook contest materials and judging criteria. Please also see the Tips on yearbook design.)

Yearbook Criteria Changed

Yearbook has always been a Press Day entry, but since 2003 there have been important changes in the contest's entry criteria. In the past, staffs had to submit the last published book, so the feedback was for the previous year’s staff. The categories are now structured so that staffs will be submitting the work they will have published in their 2004 yearbook. Because there is no published book to submit, the focus will be the same as the primary focus of Press Day — to improve and recognize journalistic excellence.

There will be two categories. In the first, the school will submit all copy from one double page spread. Requirements for submission will include the headline, body copy, and all captions. Any writing of merit will be rewarded. The second category has all the requirements of the first but asks for five entries in five different sections of the book. Every yearbook staff makes a conscious or unconcious decision about how copy will be handled in the yearbook. Schools with little or no copy often state that students want more pictures. With today’s trend toward cluster photos, there is no shortage of pictures on a well designed spread that does include copy. Staffs have an obligation to capture the memories of the school year, and coverage cannot be complete without copy. Every school is in a different place in terms of what copy goals they have set this school year. If you are taking steps to improve copy, this year’s categories will serve as both valuable feedback and recognition for the staff.

If you wish to have last year’s entire book judged, you should join either CSPA or NSPA which both have excellent judging standards. The TCJA sincerely hopes that you will take the first step in having your copy evaluated by judges and submit examples of your 2004 copy on Press Day. Very truly yours,The TCJA Press Day Board.

Also, be sure to bring extra copies along on Press Day so that they can be exchanged among the schools. They will be returned.

Entries must be postmarked by March 8 to be considered for awards!