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Video Critiques

The purpose of the On-Site Critique of video entries is to provide students and teachers with helpful written evaluations of video production in several categories. Evaluators are professionals from the local television broadcast community.  They will make evaluations based on the stated objectives and the description of equipment and planning that accompany each tape. The categories are:
(1) Public Service Announcement. A message intended to educate, inform or persuade a target audience on an important public issue.

(2) News and Morning Announcements. A news segment.

(3) Documentary. A program providing an informative look at a specific subject.

(4) Imaginative segment. A program expressing an artistic vision.

(5) Live or Live-on-tape segment. A program covering a school event; all production must have been done live during the event — no post-production or editing.

(6) Commercial. A program intended to sell a product or service.

(7) Music Video or Entertainment segment. A program meant to entertain a target audience with music, humor or other performance.
All videos must:
- be continuous segments between one and five minutes in length.

- have been produced entirely by students in an organized school program, either a video class or video club supervised by the teacher.

- have been created during the 2004-2005 school year.

Entries must be postmarked by March 24 to be considered for awards!