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Press Day 2005


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Press Day 2005 - Schedule
Session Rooms
Session I
9:30 a.m. - 10:10 a.m.
Session II
10:15 a.m. -10:55 a.m.
Session III
11 a.m. -11:40 a.m.
Chestnut Room (650)

Talk Radio
Casy Malone
Ron Verb
News Anchoring
Angie Shaker
Morning Radio Show
Carole King & Jeff Kelly
James Gallery

Glenn Luther
News Reporting
Guy Coviello
Columbia Journaliism Review
Brent Cunningham
Ohio Room (100)

Staged News Event
*(Three representatives from each school)

Reporting the Weather
Frank Marzullo

(Room being set up for luncheon)

Presidential Suites (Pugsley/Coffelt)
Sports Reporting
Rob Todor
& Brian Richesson
TV Sports Reporting
Dana Balash
& Bob Hannon
TV Sports Reporting
Dana Balash
& Bob Hannon
Feature Writing
Sandra Woodcock
First Amendment Panel
Henry Gomez, Lisa Abraham, Mark Dodosh
Editors' Roundtable
An upfront discussion of publication issues. Limited to student editors.
Room 2068
Editorial Writing
Dennis Mangan
Radio News
Jim Michaels
Jumpstarting Your Career In Journalism
Sandra Woodcock
I and II (50)
Copy Editing
Kim King
Jobs in Journalism
Bonnie Bolden
Entertainment Writing
Deb Shaulis
Humphrey Room (40)
The Inside Story: Evening News Anchor
Robb Schmidt
Newspaper Labor Relations
Deb Shaulis, John Russo, Alyssa Lenhoff
Personality Profile Writing
Diane Makar Murphy
Room 2036
TV Personality
Frank Marzullo
Reporting the Weather
Paul Wetzel
Public Relations
Ron Cole, Walt Ulbricht
& Wendy Wolfgang
Room 2069
Creative Writing
Phil Brady
Minorities in Journalism
Leon Stennis
Newspaper Design
Rick Logan
Cochran Room
Video Reporting
Tricia Perry
Tiffany Patterson
& Tricia Perry
Video Photography
John Skoloda
Stambaugh Room
Adviser's Reception
Adviser Resources
Advisers with Sandra Woodcock
Web Page Design
Jeff Wilson
Bresnahan III (20)
Reel the Reader In (Yearbook)
Lois Kazenski
Writing Yearbook Copy
Kim Carter
Penguin Review
Literary Magazine
Karen Schubert
Room 2067 (15)
Column Writing
Burton Cole
Gay Press
Eric Resnick
Writing Captions (Yearbook)
Terry Leek
On-site Critiques
On-site Critiques
On-site Critiques

* - Students must be registerd to attend the Staged News Event (see registration form GR)