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Reach a wider audience with an online newspaper

Each day, advancements in technology make building websites easier and easier. High school newspapers — whenever possible — should have an online version. This online newspaper needs to be far more than a mere replica of the printed newspaper.

With an online newspaper, high school staffs are no longer limited by their production schedules. High school staffs should write and post news as it happens. There is no better training for aspiring journalists than writing for an online publication where the need for news is constant and insatiable. Unlike printed newspapers where space is often tight, it is possible to run long versions of stories on the web. Ideas for how to make an online high school newspaper read and valued:

Include immediate statistics, scores and stories - when possible - about athletic events and other competitions. (Train coaches and others to call you immediately with information if a reporter is not assigned to the event. Post the score immediately and then upload stories when they are written. Minutes matter in online journalism.)

Convince the school official who cancels school for weather or other disasters to call you first so that your website will carry the news first, or at least at the same time, as other media.

Write and post news stories immediately. For instance, if Student Government announces that it wants the board of education to change the dress code, you must report that story immediately on the web.

Promote and market the website. Be sure to tell your students, teachers and parents that the site exists. Include its address on everything you do.