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The Ideal High School Newspaper Staff

Some positions are obvious. Every high school newspaper needs an editor. One, and in some cases, two people must be responsible for the overall newspaper. Beyond the editor, each staff has a great deal of flexibility in how it shapes itself. Common positions are:

Managing editor – The managing editor helps the editor make content decisions for the newspaper. The managing editor also takes the leading role with the design and appearance of the newspaper.

Opinion or Editorial Editor – The opinion or editorial page editor writes the editorials and edits letters to the editor. This person is also responsible for setting the agendas at editorial board meetings and leading the discussions to help the staff come to an agreement about what position it will take on key issues. The opinion or editorial page editor can also be responsible for designing and building the editorial page or pages of the newspaper.

Sports Editor – The sports editor is responsible for all sports news. Depending on the size of the staff, the sports editor may write these stories himself or herself, or he or she may assign others to write them. The sports editor can also be responsible for designing and building the sports page or pages of the newspaper.

News Editor – Depending upon the size of a staff, some newspapers designate a person to be the news editor. At some daily newspapers, this position serves the same function as the metro or city editor. This person is the point person for all news at the school, making assignments for coverage and then giving a first read to all copy.

Copy Editor – Again, depending upon the size of a staff, some newspapers have one person who serves as the copy editor for the paper. This person reads all stories, helps write headlines, cutlines and proofs all pages before they are printed.

Photo/Graphics Editor – One person must serve the same function for photos as the news editor or editor serves for copy. The photo editor is in charge of all graphics and photographs for the newspaper. Depending upon the size of the staff, this person may be able to assign people to shoot photos or design graphics, or he or she may have to do it by himself or herself.

Reporters – The lifeblood of any newspaper is the people who go out, gather the news and come back and write it. School newspapers should have as many reporters as possible on staff. Assigning them beats and coverage areas is a great way to ensure that school news is being covered adequately.

Advertising manager – One or more people must be designated to sell and produce advertisements for your newspaper.