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Index of Forms

Most of the links below require Adobe Acrobat Reader 5, which you can download for free. Official forms must be downloaded in PDF format and printed out. Criteria and additional information may also be viewed on the web by clicking the "HTML" links. You may also download this INDEX in PDF format.

Entries must be postmarked by March 24, 2005, to be considered for awards.

Send forms and supporting materials to:
Press Day, Department of English
One University Plaza
Youngstown State University
Youngstown, OH 44555-3415

Please note that the PDF files are about 300Kb, so they may take a few minutes to download with a modem.
Required of all schools
General Registration
FORM A Verification of Authenticity
Newspaper contest forms
Overall Newspaper Contest registration
FORM N2 Newspaper On-Site Critique registration (More info - HTML)
FORM N3 Rules and Individual Award registration
FORM N4 Newspaper Individual Award judging criteria
(More info - HTML)
Magazine contest form
FORM L Literary Magazine Contest registration (More info - HTML)
Yearbook contest forms
FORM Y1 Yearbook Contest registration Part 1
FORM Y2 Yearbook Contest registration Part 2
FORM Y3 Yearbook Contest judging criteria (More info - HTML)
Video contest forms
FORM V1 Video Contest registration
FORM V2 Video Contest judging criteria (More info - HTML)
Web Design contest form
FORM W1 Web Design Contest registration
FORM W2 Web Design Contest criteria and tips
Dolores P. Sullivan Journalism Scholarship Award forms
FORM S1 Student Application
FORM S2 Adviser Authorization
Special Awards
FORM SP1 Adviser of the year
FORM SP2 Staff member of the year
FORM SP3 Most improved newspaper