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Editorial page is conscience of paper

The editorial page of a newspaper serves a vital role. It can be likened to the conscience of the newspaper. This is the only page where opinion belongs. It is also the place where your readers have a voice.

The Content: An editorial expresses the opinion of the newspaper’s editorial board. The newspaper speaks through this editorial. In this editorial, the newspaper expresses its opinion about key issues affecting readers.

Editorials must take a position on an issue. These positions must be backed up with facts and, whenever possible, statistics. They are never written with the word “I.” Instead, it has become accepted that newspapers refer to themselves as “we.”

The Design: Editorials typically run across three columns of the page. Often, they are shaded gray. It is important to keep the editorial in the same position from issue to issue so that your readers know where to turn.

Commentaries: Unlike editorials, commentaries are usually written with the word “I.” Commentaries reflect an individual’s personal opinions. Commentaries often rely on humor to communicate a message. Commentaries do not need to deal with issues as “weighty” as those tackled in editorials. They can be about personal experiences or issues. A person can also write an effective commentary about his or her opinions about a local, state, national or international issue.