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High school newspapers offer advertisers something they cannot get anywhere else – access to teenagers. Daily newspapers aren’t read by most teenagers. Television, while a sure-fire way for advertisers to reach teenagers, is too costly. No other media holds the attention of teenagers better than school newspapers.

Why do advertisers want to reach teenagers? The answer is simple: Teenagers have incredible buying power. From cars to clothes and CDs to tennis shoes, teenagers spend money. Advertisers want to reach this audience. There is simply no better way to reach teenagers than to advertise in school newspapers. There are simple steps to follow for selling advertising:

(1) Establish a pricing structure for ads. Publish these prices in what the newspaper industry calls a “rate card.”

(2) In the rate card, include information about your dates of publication, sizes of ads, technical requirements for how the ads are to be submitted to you and deadlines for when you must have the advertisements.

(3) Brainstorm possible advertisers and develop a prospect list.

(4) Write a sales letter that can be adapted for various advertisers. In this letter, stress the benefits of advertising in your school publication. This letter should include statistics of how many students read the newspaper as well as information about how and when it is distributed.

Cold call, cold call, cold call. Knock on doors. Make phone calls. Sell your product.