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Tuesday, October 28, 2008
Kilcawley Student Center

New This Year:
Press Day will be in the Fall instead of the Spring to give students and teachers a chance to apply what they learn. The annual Press Day Contest and a shortened day of seminars and workshops will be offered in the Spring.


Dear Friend of Journalism:

If you can only do one field trip this year, Press Day  at Youngstown State University is the one event that you will not want your students to miss!

First, the Five W’s and the H:

Who: Press Day is for any high school student who is interested in any field related to journalism.

Students who want to write, students who want to learn how to capture and then disseminate information, students who want to take photographs, students who want to learn to blog and students who want to create podcasts should all come to Press Day 2008 at YSU. Additionally, it is a must for any student who works in high school media.

What: Press Day 2008 is a day-long series of workshops and hands-on training sessions geared for high school students and their teachers or advisers. The training sessions range from discussions about how to create a newspaper that students will want to read, to how to capture your feelings in poetry to how to create a podcast. Additionally, there will be writing competitions during the day. Finally, in the weeks before Press Day, students will send in their work for various contents and during the afternoon of Press Day, winners will be called to the stage and given awards.

When: Press Day will be Tuesday, Oct. 28.

Where: Press Day 2008 is scheduled for Kilcawley Center on the campus of YSU. (Some sessions may be held in different buildings on campus.)

Why: Countless studies have confirmed the relationship between journalism and high achievement in college and on standardized tests. So, while your students may not want to become the next Bob Woodward or Barbara Walters, what they will be exposed to at Press Day 2008 will open up avenues of thinking for them and will broaden their knowledge base. Also, high school students need as many college-type experiences as possible. College admissions and financial aid officers will also be available during Press Day 2008 to talk with any interested students.

How: Admission to Press Day 2008 is $5 for students and $15 for faculty. To register, please complete the REGISTRATION FORM. Also, please keep checking back here or updates about new speakers and plans for the day.

Are you convinced yet?

If you need more reasons why you should bring your students to Press Day 2008, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Do you need help paying for busing?

If your district will not pay for busing, please contact us. We will do everything we can to try to help you find the funds to bring your students.


Pat Shively and Alyssa Lenhoff


Questions? Contact Alyssa Lenhoff at or 330-941-3414.

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